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  • Sound Insulation Tool

    You can select the required sound insulation classes and find out our system solutions by simply clicking on the button below! Sound Insulation Tool
  • Fire Protection Tool

    You can find out the best system suggestions according to your project's fire protection demands by simply clicking on the button below! Fire Protection Tool

  • Room Acoustic Simulation

    After you click on the link in the following page, you will see different room names. You can simply click on the desired room name and experience the acoustic differences by using your headphone. Room Acoustic Simulation
  • Sound Insulation Simulation

    Please put your headphones first in order to examine our system solutions' sound insulation performances. Maximize your computer's sound level for a great experience. You can choose room noises and hear the sound insulation difference between partition walls. Soun Insulation Simulation

Brand-New Project Wizard is Ready For you

New "Project Wizard" is at your service...

E-teknik has changed completely with it's updated library and renewed structure! To shoot a glance...

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  • Products

    In this part, you can reach our documents with Knauf quality. All the required documents are at your service by the updated versions. Product Search
  • Systems

    We are at your service with our Knauf System Library! You can reach all our systems here for all your special requirements... System Search

Document Center

Knauf Document Center

You can reach the documents here that prepared by Knauf quality. All the technical data sheets, specifications, quality certificates, installation guides, CAD & BIM files you're looking for is here. You can choose the topic you need after clicking the button link above and download them by just one click.


Surface Quality Animation

In order to start using "Surface Quality Animation" you just have to simply click on the button below! You can move your mouse on to the flashing dots in order to see which products have been used on that surface. You can also click these dots to choose a surface. Lastly, you can click product images to get further technical information.

Surface Quality Animation