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Blue File

Present your projects with Knauf Blue File


Knauf Blue File

Let's get ready for your projects with many different and effective solutions!

Blue File intends to create right preperations for projects before they start installation. Blue File's aim is to present rich content by offering effective solutions for minimizing unexpected troubles and increase the quality of manufacturing.

Contributions of Blue File

  • Meets the demands with optimised product and system solutions
  • Offers different solutions instead of one
  • Helps the project on design phase and prevent upcoming issues during installation
  • Moves proposals to a professional size
  • Besides all the demands, it enriches the project by special details and products
  • Creates complete documentation for bids
  • Lets you create presentable proposals
  • Helps you get better analyses - correct consumptions
  • Under favour of detailed installation guides, it let's you enhance application quality to Global standards.

To download Blue File sample please click the link below.

Blue File