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  • Let us meet your demans with our experts team in one's subject. To have information about our team, please click the link below. Our Team
  • We're answering your mails within 2 days. Knauf technical support hotline consist of an expert team about dry wall system details, performances, architectural and engineering analysis. Technical Consultancy Services
  • Let's get prepared for your projects together by our product and system analysis, calculations, specification anaysis and special technical support services. Project Consultancy
  • Are your solutions up to date or do you have problems about your manufacturing? We prepared common misconceptions, popular questions and product combinations for you. Shoot a glance by clicking the link below. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Knauf Document Center

You can reach the documents here that prepared by Knauf quality. All the technical data sheets, specifications, quality certificates, installation guides, CAD & BIM files you're looking for is here. You can choose the topic you need after clicking the button link above and download them by just one click.


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    You can reach all our products by a simple click. We are at your service with our renewed document center. Click here to search products
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    Design your buildings with Knauf Dry Wall Systems. All the required technical information is here. We are at your service with our renewed document center. Click here to search systems
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    Make a difference with Knauf's wide technical drawing library. You can download all the drawings you need by a simple click. Click here to search BIM / CAD files
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    We prepared materail consumptions especially for you. From now on, calculations are too easy! Simply try... Click here to search material consumptions

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    In this part, you can reach our documents with Knauf quality. All the required documents are at your service by the updated versions. Products
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    We are at your service with our Knauf System Library! You can reach all our systems here for all your special requirements... Systems

System Performances


All About Performance Ratings

System Performances

To specify the most suitable systems for your project, you can reach Knauf's detailed system performances in here.

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